Dallas Shorts Film Festival

Dallas Shorts film festival has been formed to introduce short films. This online festival is held seasonally in Dallas, USA.

The Dallas Shorts

is an international seasonal online film festival. The festival is a short film festival that puts the spotlight on short films – a category that unfortunately doesn’t get the mainstream attention it deserves.

The festvial wants to promote films

that pay spe attention to representing an alternative vision of reality. The festival is an international seasonal online festival. The results of the winning films in the various categories will be published at each seasonal deadline.

The best films of each period

will be part of the final selection and will be screened online during the festival event. To do this, each season, the jury will make a private viewing to decide the winners of the period.

Best Films

The selected film for the final ceremony will be chosen among the winners of each season “Best Film” award.
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